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Showing 1.7 Mbp from Chr5, positions 102,900,001 to 104,600,000

INMEGEN, Mexico and HapMap Data Rel_19/phaseII Oct05, this release is based on NCBI B34 assembly, dbSNP b124 (update to B36 in progress)
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Examples: Chr20, Chr9:660,000..760,000, SNP:rs6870660, NM_153254, BRCA2, 5q31, ENm010.

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Population descriptors:YRI: Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria, JPT: Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, CHB: Han Chinese in Beijing, China, CEU: CEPH (Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe), MEX: Mexican mestizos from across the country, GRO: Mexican mestizos from Guerrero, GTO: Mexican mestizos from Guanajuato, SON: Mexican mestizos from Sonora, VER: Mexican mestizos from Veracruz, YUC: Mexican mestizos from Yucatan, ZAC: Mexican mestizos from Zacatecas

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recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491324 Chr5:103322355..103322355 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491325 Chr5:103331192..103331192 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491453 Chr5:104328397..104328397 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491454 Chr5:104360227..104360227 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10493159 Chr5:103577412..103577412 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10493160 Chr5:103577376..103577376 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10493161 Chr5:103577302..103577302 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515346 Chr5:102994505..102994505 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515347 Chr5:102999150..102999150 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515349 Chr5:103130351..103130351 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515352 Chr5:104485976..104485976 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515353 Chr5:103997886..103997886 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515354 Chr5:104023582..104023582 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515355 Chr5:104023753..104023753 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515356 Chr5:104108386..104108386 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515357 Chr5:104189541..104189541 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515358 Chr5:104253039..104253039 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515359 Chr5:103903929..103903929 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515360 Chr5:103583747..103583747 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515361 Chr5:103223459..103223459 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515362 Chr5:103252571..103252571 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515363 Chr5:103458754..103458754 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515364 Chr5:103527941..103527941 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1217466 Chr5:104302088..104302088 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1289214 Chr5:103494920..103494920 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1289215 Chr5:103495123..103495123 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1345615 Chr5:102930041..102930041 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1345621 Chr5:103205722..103205722 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1363258 Chr5:103345910..103345910 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1421663 Chr5:104009229..104009229 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1421664 Chr5:104009015..104009015 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1422184 Chr5:103033056..103033056 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1428877 Chr5:104586070..104586070 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1443073 Chr5:104192534..104192534 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1445772 Chr5:103680618..103680618 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs159166 Chr5:102942218..102942218 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs161789 Chr5:104146604..104146604 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1812338 Chr5:103717370..103717370 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1849555 Chr5:104230987..104230987 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs192214 Chr5:104048062..104048062 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1990745 Chr5:103458138..103458138 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2032791 Chr5:104024774..104024774 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2032792 Chr5:104024703..104024703 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2059886 Chr5:103323050..103323050 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2263410 Chr5:103693206..103693206 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs246376 Chr5:103336193..103336193 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs254044 Chr5:104037512..104037512 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs291870 Chr5:102917904..102917904 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs291875 Chr5:102914634..102914634 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs294149 Chr5:104536376..104536376 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs294152 Chr5:104535169..104535169 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs320665 Chr5:103205618..103205618 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs320666 Chr5:103205515..103205515 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs322865 Chr5:104234874..104234874 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs34229 Chr5:102931378..102931378 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs40049 Chr5:102931143..102931143 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4122274 Chr5:103046906..103046906 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4419569 Chr5:103577457..103577457 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4703272 Chr5:103346574..103346574 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs491507 Chr5:103199139..103199139 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs553526 Chr5:104114357..104114357 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs58982 Chr5:104236349..104236349 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6860380 Chr5:103065631..103065631 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6867959 Chr5:103974526..103974526 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6869213 Chr5:103565378..103565378 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6891820 Chr5:103979364..103979364 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6898163 Chr5:103605927..103605927 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs722821 Chr5:103084638..103084638 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7704545 Chr5:103029453..103029453 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7704595 Chr5:103371826..103371826 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7705186 Chr5:104585405..104585405 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7706741 Chr5:104545553..104545553 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7714087 Chr5:103145826..103145826 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7720623 Chr5:103151185..103151185 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs811132 Chr5:103340930..103340930 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs861085 Chr5:102995021..102995021 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9285949 Chr5:104235247..104235247 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327890 Chr5:103137715..103137715 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327909 Chr5:104039172..104039172 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs950664 Chr5:103430152..103430152 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs959134 Chr5:103717145..103717145 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs959135 Chr5:103717409..103717409 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs966702 Chr5:103350815..103350815 (Int) Genotyped SNP: Chr5:snp Chr5:102900001..104600000 Entrez gene: NM_031438 Chr5:102926388..102912455
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