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Showing 4.5 Mbp from Chr5, positions 132,300,001 to 136,800,000

INMEGEN, Mexico and HapMap Data Rel_19/phaseII Oct05, this release is based on NCBI B34 assembly, dbSNP b124 (update to B36 in progress)
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Population descriptors:YRI: Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria, JPT: Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, CHB: Han Chinese in Beijing, China, CEU: CEPH (Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe), MEX: Mexican mestizos from across the country, GRO: Mexican mestizos from Guerrero, GTO: Mexican mestizos from Guanajuato, SON: Mexican mestizos from Sonora, VER: Mexican mestizos from Veracruz, YUC: Mexican mestizos from Yucatan, ZAC: Mexican mestizos from Zacatecas

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recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1005483 Chr5:133267813..133267813 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491247 Chr5:135866181..135866181 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491277 Chr5:132312577..132312577 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491286 Chr5:133775098..133775098 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491287 Chr5:133775153..133775153 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491288 Chr5:133857803..133857803 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491289 Chr5:133404776..133404776 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491290 Chr5:132991470..132991470 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491291 Chr5:132992575..132992575 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491292 Chr5:132992923..132992923 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491293 Chr5:133066113..133066113 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491294 Chr5:133066539..133066539 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491295 Chr5:134284244..134284244 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491299 Chr5:136415831..136415831 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491300 Chr5:136430443..136430443 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491301 Chr5:136518406..136518406 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491302 Chr5:136377688..136377688 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491303 Chr5:136302764..136302764 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491304 Chr5:136761365..136761365 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491306 Chr5:136745783..136745783 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491307 Chr5:136745670..136745670 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491320 Chr5:133564970..133564970 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491321 Chr5:133603806..133603806 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491322 Chr5:133606356..133606356 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515457 Chr5:132727087..132727087 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515458 Chr5:132746211..132746211 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515459 Chr5:132749876..132749876 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515460 Chr5:132766649..132766649 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515461 Chr5:133142529..133142529 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515462 Chr5:133158882..133158882 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515463 Chr5:133108430..133108430 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515464 Chr5:134015757..134015757 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515465 Chr5:134343773..134343773 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515466 Chr5:134371383..134371383 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515467 Chr5:134620143..134620143 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515468 Chr5:134620706..134620706 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515469 Chr5:134688288..134688288 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515470 Chr5:134709873..134709873 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515471 Chr5:134789284..134789284 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515472 Chr5:134795184..134795184 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515473 Chr5:135010303..135010303 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515474 Chr5:135135485..135135485 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515475 Chr5:135135757..135135757 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515477 Chr5:135137548..135137548 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515478 Chr5:135586646..135586646 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515479 Chr5:135773567..135773567 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515480 Chr5:136035814..136035814 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515481 Chr5:136056263..136056263 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515482 Chr5:136216992..136216992 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515483 Chr5:136217238..136217238 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515487 Chr5:136562075..136562075 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515488 Chr5:136562293..136562293 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515489 Chr5:136587154..136587154 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515491 Chr5:136626047..136626047 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515492 Chr5:136639140..136639140 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515493 Chr5:136677750..136677750 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10515494 Chr5:136713241..136713241 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520099 Chr5:132408939..132408939 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1125470 Chr5:136298156..136298156 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1229728 Chr5:136763050..136763050 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1229729 Chr5:136762824..136762824 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1229732 Chr5:136760984..136760984 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1363245 Chr5:132963754..132963754 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1369128 Chr5:136650102..136650102 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1434651 Chr5:136584173..136584173 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1469067 Chr5:135763975..135763975 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1560929 Chr5:136639176..136639176 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1560930 Chr5:136639196..136639196 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1587436 Chr5:135785493..135785493 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1644305 Chr5:133279812..133279812 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1650464 Chr5:134659779..134659779 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1651773 Chr5:132952116..132952116 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs17171218 Chr5:136671018..136671018 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1820677 Chr5:134127620..134127620 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1859346 Chr5:136523790..136523790 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs187411 Chr5:132961957..132961957 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1961427 Chr5:133328549..133328549 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1995358 Chr5:134785272..134785272 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2060428 Chr5:136681732..136681732 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2072239 Chr5:135468723..135468723 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2078404 Chr5:135035081..135035081 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2107331 Chr5:135453565..135453565 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2157916 Chr5:136190968..136190968 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2164132 Chr5:136712325..136712325 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2188468 Chr5:136075264..136075264 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2237061 Chr5:134988546..134988546 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2260940 Chr5:134687491..134687491 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2348186 Chr5:136499975..136499975 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs244693 Chr5:133531369..133531369 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs246416 Chr5:132960983..132960983 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2526150 Chr5:135372578..135372578 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2526152 Chr5:135389249..135389249 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs254550 Chr5:134455173..134455173 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2546656 Chr5:135764944..135764944 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs256254 Chr5:132992438..132992438 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs256333 Chr5:132977113..132977113 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs258074 Chr5:133174414..133174414 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs25895 Chr5:135294026..135294026 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2603014 Chr5:134719332..134719332 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2652072 Chr5:134815511..134815511 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs28063 Chr5:136140578..136140578 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs30743 Chr5:135408787..135408787 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs3087646 Chr5:132410468..132410468 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs31341 Chr5:132877725..132877725 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs31347 Chr5:132884691..132884691 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs31348 Chr5:132885363..132885363 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs31564 Chr5:135306469..135306469 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs326625 Chr5:133687647..133687647 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs326626 Chr5:133688023..133688023 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs328043 Chr5:133821614..133821614 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs328828 Chr5:133864929..133864929 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs328834 Chr5:133857834..133857834 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs3733727 Chr5:134765516..134765516 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs3860106 Chr5:134920805..134920805 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs3888643 Chr5:134921670..134921670 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs3892476 Chr5:133325771..133325771 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs39881 Chr5:134455527..134455527 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4146185 Chr5:135586249..135586249 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4146186 Chr5:135586088..135586088 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs42258 Chr5:135409015..135409015 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4246020 Chr5:133267227..133267227 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs42548 Chr5:132988063..132988063 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4259168 Chr5:135558413..135558413 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4346818 Chr5:133603475..133603475 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4434375 Chr5:136415363..136415363 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4463175 Chr5:135015340..135015340 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs455866 Chr5:132951312..132951312 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4958144 Chr5:133097806..133097806 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4976285 Chr5:134686038..134686038 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4976321 Chr5:135123470..135123470 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4976360 Chr5:135430540..135430540 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4976402 Chr5:136493576..136493576 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4976516 Chr5:136051309..136051309 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6421910 Chr5:136297979..136297979 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6596159 Chr5:133279679..133279679 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6596167 Chr5:133573465..133573465 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6859346 Chr5:132411381..132411381 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6871571 Chr5:135469413..135469413 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6874297 Chr5:134842060..134842060 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6876032 Chr5:136409010..136409010 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6883335 Chr5:135288403..135288403 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6891505 Chr5:132700771..132700771 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6893238 Chr5:134841978..134841978 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6896456 Chr5:134653973..134653973 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs715423 Chr5:136584426..136584426 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs726846 Chr5:136148270..136148270 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs727876 Chr5:135380951..135380951 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs734620 Chr5:133667343..133667343 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7705319 Chr5:133616286..133616286 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7706155 Chr5:136035661..136035661 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7707212 Chr5:133097324..133097324 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7719358 Chr5:136414581..136414581 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7722045 Chr5:132922718..132922718 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7725926 Chr5:133014840..133014840 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7730672 Chr5:136045379..136045379 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7731597 Chr5:136045667..136045667 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7732903 Chr5:136304208..136304208 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7736395 Chr5:133573160..133573160 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs823986 Chr5:132942456..132942456 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs890732 Chr5:134659023..134659023 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs916803 Chr5:135051159..135051159 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9285933 Chr5:134333735..134333735 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9285936 Chr5:136222718..136222718 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327668 Chr5:133143021..133143021 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327669 Chr5:133157560..133157560 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327673 Chr5:133279287..133279287 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327678 Chr5:133563857..133563857 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327709 Chr5:134624644..134624644 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327712 Chr5:134666159..134666159 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327727 Chr5:135137902..135137902 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327759 Chr5:136053276..136053276 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9327764 Chr5:136256293..136256293 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs950714 Chr5:135756697..135756697 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs950715 Chr5:135756455..135756455 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs959727 Chr5:132642427..132642427 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs963590 Chr5:135773266..135773266 (Int) Genotyped SNP: Chr5:snp Chr5:132300001..136800000 Entrez gene: NM_000358 Chr5:135392596..135427405 Entrez gene: NM_000590 Chr5:135259414..135255833 Entrez gene: NM_001001419 Chr5:135496434..135546320 Entrez gene: NM_001001420 Chr5:135496434..135546320 Entrez gene: NM_001033503 Chr5:133996425..133970018 Entrez gene: NM_001745 Chr5:134102104..134115739 Entrez gene: NM_002154 Chr5:132415560..132468607 Entrez gene: NM_002302 Chr5:135318621..135310498 Entrez gene: NM_002653 Chr5:134397886..134391367 Entrez gene: NM_002715 Chr5:133589848..133560046 Entrez gene: NM_003202 Chr5:133478300..133511817 Entrez gene: NM_003337 Chr5:133734768..133755697 Entrez gene: NM_003374 Chr5:133368331..133335505 Entrez gene: NM_004598 Chr5:136862916..136338887 Entrez gene: NM_004887 Chr5:134942867..134934273 Entrez gene: NM_004893 Chr5:134763475..134697969 Entrez gene: NM_005903 Chr5:135496434..135546320 Entrez gene: NM_006161 Chr5:134899537..134897872 Entrez gene: NM_006930 Chr5:133540582..133520467 Entrez gene: NM_012159 Chr5:135300161..135305265 Entrez gene: NM_014423 Chr5:132327200..132238970 Entrez gene: NM_014829 Chr5:134122359..134194707 Entrez gene: NM_015082 Chr5:132976121..132560050 Entrez gene: NM_015288 Chr5:133889696..133946816 Entrez gene: NM_016103 Chr5:133996425..133970018 Entrez gene: NM_016508 Chr5:133730112..133671590 Entrez gene: NM_017665 Chr5:132390138..132360577 Entrez gene: NM_020199 Chr5:133332376..133319100 Entrez gene: NM_020389 Chr5:135720971..135577021 Entrez gene: NM_024715 Chr5:134237325..134264850 Entrez gene: NM_032151 Chr5:134268708..134333242 Entrez gene: NM_080656 Chr5:133775487..133765703 Entrez gene: NM_130848 Chr5:134810936..134807802 Entrez gene: NM_138609 Chr5:134762801..134697969 Entrez gene: NM_138610 Chr5:134762801..134697969 Entrez gene: NM_145282 Chr5:135198314..135252222 Entrez gene: NM_152409 Chr5:134209268..134222683 Entrez gene: NM_170679 Chr5:133540582..133520467 Entrez gene: NM_178019 Chr5:134331512..134375284 Entrez gene: NM_198431 Chr5:132415560..132468607 Entrez gene: NM_201632 Chr5:133479214..133511817 Entrez gene: NM_201633 Chr5:133479214..133509774 Entrez gene: NM_201634 Chr5:133479214..133511817 Entrez gene: NM_213648 Chr5:133479325..133511817
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