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Showing 1.3 Mbp from Chr5, positions 23,300,001 to 24,600,000

INMEGEN, Mexico and HapMap Data Rel_19/phaseII Oct05, this release is based on NCBI B34 assembly, dbSNP b124 (update to B36 in progress)
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Population descriptors:YRI: Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria, JPT: Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, CHB: Han Chinese in Beijing, China, CEU: CEPH (Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe), MEX: Mexican mestizos from across the country, GRO: Mexican mestizos from Guerrero, GTO: Mexican mestizos from Guanajuato, SON: Mexican mestizos from Sonora, VER: Mexican mestizos from Veracruz, YUC: Mexican mestizos from Yucatan, ZAC: Mexican mestizos from Zacatecas

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recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10058622 Chr5:24198911..24198911 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10519779 Chr5:23868604..23868604 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520888 Chr5:23326040..23326040 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520889 Chr5:23326421..23326421 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520890 Chr5:23335644..23335644 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520891 Chr5:23503790..23503790 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520892 Chr5:23633159..23633159 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520893 Chr5:23724883..23724883 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520894 Chr5:23725034..23725034 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520895 Chr5:23668458..23668458 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520896 Chr5:23346772..23346772 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520897 Chr5:23346876..23346876 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520913 Chr5:24563208..24563208 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520915 Chr5:24399680..24399680 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520916 Chr5:24198638..24198638 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520917 Chr5:24185436..24185436 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520918 Chr5:24109021..24109021 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10520919 Chr5:24089021..24089021 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1157943 Chr5:24227589..24227589 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1160138 Chr5:23969163..23969163 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1366454 Chr5:23364673..23364673 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1369685 Chr5:24336721..24336721 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1369686 Chr5:24336610..24336610 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1402428 Chr5:23676462..23676462 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1435814 Chr5:24368855..24368855 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1435824 Chr5:24334895..24334895 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1469832 Chr5:24368436..24368436 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1501947 Chr5:24067683..24067683 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1505875 Chr5:24598643..24598643 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1520999 Chr5:23771664..23771664 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1521001 Chr5:23771869..23771869 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1521002 Chr5:23772100..23772100 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1521003 Chr5:23750097..23750097 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1995599 Chr5:24562537..24562537 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2196390 Chr5:24369802..24369802 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2217293 Chr5:24520266..24520266 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2217864 Chr5:24370014..24370014 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs331290 Chr5:24402951..24402951 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4290982 Chr5:24563575..24563575 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4701434 Chr5:24348148..24348148 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6452213 Chr5:24563283..24563283 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6452216 Chr5:24571037..24571037 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6882202 Chr5:24582982..24582982 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6886864 Chr5:24344076..24344076 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs718887 Chr5:23651690..23651690 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7705523 Chr5:23668769..23668769 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7719212 Chr5:23668425..23668425 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7719907 Chr5:23668898..23668898 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7734436 Chr5:24214273..24214273 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7735817 Chr5:24597817..24597817 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs874326 Chr5:24365329..24365329 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9293073 Chr5:23480781..23480781 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9293081 Chr5:23676313..23676313 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9293100 Chr5:23785299..23785299 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs966297 Chr5:23923708..23923708 (Int) Genotyped SNP: Chr5:snp Chr5:23300001..24600000 Entrez gene: NM_006727 Chr5:24680667..24522966 Entrez gene: NM_020227 Chr5:23558478..23564462
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