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Showing 3.4 Mbp from Chr5, positions 42,400,001 to 45,800,000

INMEGEN, Mexico and HapMap Data Rel_19/phaseII Oct05, this release is based on NCBI B34 assembly, dbSNP b124 (update to B36 in progress)
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Population descriptors:YRI: Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria, JPT: Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, CHB: Han Chinese in Beijing, China, CEU: CEPH (Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe), MEX: Mexican mestizos from across the country, GRO: Mexican mestizos from Guerrero, GTO: Mexican mestizos from Guanajuato, SON: Mexican mestizos from Sonora, VER: Mexican mestizos from Veracruz, YUC: Mexican mestizos from Yucatan, ZAC: Mexican mestizos from Zacatecas

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recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1037181 Chr5:44387384..44387384 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512806 Chr5:42884057..42884057 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512821 Chr5:43258091..43258091 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512825 Chr5:43354691..43354691 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512827 Chr5:43413567..43413567 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512828 Chr5:43413791..43413791 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512835 Chr5:44253910..44253910 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512836 Chr5:44273926..44273926 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512844 Chr5:44384260..44384260 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512845 Chr5:44386837..44386837 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512848 Chr5:44429501..44429501 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512849 Chr5:44429724..44429724 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512851 Chr5:44430827..44430827 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512852 Chr5:44439070..44439070 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512853 Chr5:44526518..44526518 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512854 Chr5:44556598..44556598 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512855 Chr5:44556713..44556713 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512865 Chr5:44868868..44868868 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512866 Chr5:44869454..44869454 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512875 Chr5:45296231..45296231 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512876 Chr5:45295105..45295105 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512877 Chr5:45785568..45785568 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512878 Chr5:45759123..45759123 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10512880 Chr5:45721615..45721615 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1072746 Chr5:43656189..43656189 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1345825 Chr5:42770019..42770019 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1351633 Chr5:44589352..44589352 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1355188 Chr5:42407974..42407974 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1364026 Chr5:42825798..42825798 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1374977 Chr5:44339504..44339504 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1384732 Chr5:45598888..45598888 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1482684 Chr5:44524243..44524243 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1483306 Chr5:45522604..45522604 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1509461 Chr5:42453361..42453361 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1509463 Chr5:42534533..42534533 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1564198 Chr5:43384423..43384423 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs16873496 Chr5:43740942..43740942 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1858137 Chr5:42440802..42440802 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1858138 Chr5:42440782..42440782 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2118763 Chr5:44833047..44833047 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs230814 Chr5:42844772..42844772 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs230820 Chr5:42852925..42852925 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2329995 Chr5:43057141..43057141 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2330392 Chr5:44254093..44254093 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2337953 Chr5:45786624..45786624 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2973646 Chr5:44433038..44433038 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs316401 Chr5:43098747..43098747 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs541143 Chr5:43168580..43168580 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6413428 Chr5:42846225..42846225 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs719756 Chr5:42771130..42771130 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs722678 Chr5:42793623..42793623 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs726941 Chr5:44279279..44279279 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7708386 Chr5:43739601..43739601 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7727047 Chr5:43420434..43420434 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs779850 Chr5:43428899..43428899 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs782971 Chr5:43170189..43170189 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9292862 Chr5:43073722..43073722 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9292903 Chr5:44345499..44345499 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs950812 Chr5:42415414..42415414 (Int) Genotyped SNP: Chr5:snp Chr5:42400001..45800000 Entrez gene: NM_000163 Chr5:42459782..42757681 Entrez gene: NM_001013715 Chr5:44874939..44876451 Entrez gene: NM_001014279 Chr5:43076097..43074939 Entrez gene: NM_002130 Chr5:43349240..43325254 Entrez gene: NM_004465 Chr5:44424540..44340853 Entrez gene: NM_005410 Chr5:42847780..42835739 Entrez gene: NM_006451 Chr5:43592946..43562126 Entrez gene: NM_012343 Chr5:43638581..43741345 Entrez gene: NM_016640 Chr5:44844783..44851370 Entrez gene: NM_018038 Chr5:43162039..43198768 Entrez gene: NM_019846 Chr5:43448228..43412504 Entrez gene: NM_021072 Chr5:45731976..45297729 Entrez gene: NM_022483 Chr5:43515846..43480110 Entrez gene: NM_148672 Chr5:43448228..43412504 Entrez gene: NM_153361 Chr5:43228083..43316707 Entrez gene: NM_182789 Chr5:43592946..43562126 Entrez gene: NM_182977 Chr5:43639063..43741090 Entrez gene: NM_183323 Chr5:43593243..43562126 Entrez gene: NM_194290 Chr5:43077951..43081248 Entrez gene: NM_198566 Chr5:43550943..43522566
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