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Showing 1.5 Mbp from Chr5, positions 81,400,001 to 82,900,000

INMEGEN, Mexico and HapMap Data Rel_19/phaseII Oct05, this release is based on NCBI B34 assembly, dbSNP b124 (update to B36 in progress)
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Population descriptors:YRI: Yoruba in Ibadan, Nigeria, JPT: Japanese in Tokyo, Japan, CHB: Han Chinese in Beijing, China, CEU: CEPH (Utah residents with ancestry from northern and western Europe), MEX: Mexican mestizos from across the country, GRO: Mexican mestizos from Guerrero, GTO: Mexican mestizos from Guanajuato, SON: Mexican mestizos from Sonora, VER: Mexican mestizos from Veracruz, YUC: Mexican mestizos from Yucatan, ZAC: Mexican mestizos from Zacatecas

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recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter recenter (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1011981 Chr5:82477761..82477761 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1044363 Chr5:82433015..82433015 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491242 Chr5:81825308..81825308 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491243 Chr5:81818885..81818885 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491244 Chr5:81800100..81800100 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10491245 Chr5:81798986..81798986 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514237 Chr5:81699423..81699423 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514238 Chr5:81732490..81732490 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514239 Chr5:81763062..81763062 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514240 Chr5:81952064..81952064 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514241 Chr5:81952260..81952260 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514242 Chr5:82042399..82042399 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514243 Chr5:82128178..82128178 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514244 Chr5:82154216..82154216 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514245 Chr5:82304931..82304931 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514246 Chr5:82449871..82449871 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514247 Chr5:82451926..82451926 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514248 Chr5:82574807..82574807 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514249 Chr5:82588929..82588929 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514250 Chr5:82613937..82613937 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514252 Chr5:82642665..82642665 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514253 Chr5:82674123..82674123 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514254 Chr5:82718024..82718024 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514255 Chr5:82718205..82718205 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514256 Chr5:82718225..82718225 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs10514257 Chr5:82718276..82718276 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1423508 Chr5:82098343..82098343 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1445778 Chr5:82804656..82804656 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1445779 Chr5:82804495..82804495 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1476742 Chr5:81804663..81804663 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1700595 Chr5:82290421..82290421 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1827396 Chr5:82059181..82059181 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs1847051 Chr5:81957546..81957546 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2115467 Chr5:81635550..81635550 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2195448 Chr5:81625311..81625311 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224802 Chr5:81702302..81702302 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224803 Chr5:81702148..81702148 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224860 Chr5:81820371..81820371 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224865 Chr5:81820641..81820641 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224924 Chr5:81804792..81804792 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224938 Chr5:81801249..81801249 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224939 Chr5:81801175..81801175 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224940 Chr5:81801135..81801135 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224949 Chr5:81793532..81793532 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs224958 Chr5:81786349..81786349 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs226199 Chr5:81656537..81656537 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2292013 Chr5:82876698..82876698 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2385886 Chr5:81960183..81960183 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2386068 Chr5:81988940..81988940 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2386072 Chr5:82138006..82138006 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2407065 Chr5:81559796..81559796 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs255561 Chr5:82434883..82434883 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs2562529 Chr5:81449573..81449573 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs256795 Chr5:82381435..82381435 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs27363 Chr5:82420835..82420835 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs28899 Chr5:82847156..82847156 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs301278 Chr5:82679879..82679879 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs301279 Chr5:82680254..82680254 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs32889 Chr5:82430297..82430297 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs33599 Chr5:82858977..82858977 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs35270 Chr5:82667759..82667759 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs37551 Chr5:82304341..82304341 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs37558 Chr5:82308622..82308622 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs40214 Chr5:82380251..82380251 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs411244 Chr5:82290667..82290667 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs43150 Chr5:82379811..82379811 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs433563 Chr5:82290874..82290874 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs433820 Chr5:82289925..82289925 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4703882 Chr5:81799438..81799438 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs4703911 Chr5:82096927..82096927 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs6879726 Chr5:82038360..82038360 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs701405 Chr5:81677673..81677673 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs714206 Chr5:81800407..81800407 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs717938 Chr5:82648889..82648889 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7700990 Chr5:82290042..82290042 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs7725707 Chr5:81914644..81914644 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9283781 Chr5:82152179..82152179 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9293290 Chr5:81558298..81558298 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9293311 Chr5:82112203..82112203 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs9293327 Chr5:82422079..82422079 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs950292 Chr5:82081733..82081733 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs958535 Chr5:82687953..82687953 (Mex) Genotyped SNP: rs965674 Chr5:82566657..82566657 (Int) Genotyped SNP: Chr5:snp Chr5:81400001..82900000 Entrez gene: NM_001017971 Chr5:81636921..81649901 Entrez gene: NM_001025 Chr5:81609990..81604896 Entrez gene: NM_003401 Chr5:82409072..82685332 Entrez gene: NM_004385 Chr5:82803338..82912736 Entrez gene: NM_022406 Chr5:82409072..82685332 Entrez gene: NM_022550 Chr5:82409072..82685332 Entrez gene: NM_031482 Chr5:81303629..81586523 Entrez gene: NM_174909 Chr5:82408934..82387741
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